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Transfer of Innovation 2012

Transfer of Innovation 2012

In 2006 VAPA started to create e-learning by beginning a project called ‘Paper Train’. This project was mostly funded by the Dutch paper and board industry. A small part was funded by a Leonardo subsidy. Over 13.000 video clips and animations were created in Digital Video quality, which resulted in large file sizes. After the project ended we created ca. 30 modules on DVD. These content carriers and the accompanying content – varying from paper till tissue and board till corrugated board – were protected via the use of USB Dongles.

The project was completed with the help of international partners TWA (UK), Papiermacher Zentrum Gernsbach (DE) Ausbildungszentrum der Österreichischen Papierindustrie (AT), IBC (FR) and VAPA (NL). By implementing the use of DVD’s in mills and after several discussions with partners and customers some issues with the material arose; such as translation issues due to different cultural backgrounds and issues with the dongles. This implied VAPA to take action and to review our vision on e-learning. We applied and requested for new funds to further develop the existing e-learning into an new online experience for our industries in Europe.

In November 2012 VAPA was given the green light to start a TOI project with the same partners as in the previous project. Funded with money from the LDV, the partners and VAPA the project was a fact.

The main goal of the project was to create and fill an online learning platform, which creates and supports the possibility of bringing the existing e-learning to a new level: Distance Learning, Securing Knowledge, Personal Development, Distance Coaching and Awareness are key in this way of E-& B-learning.

For the record: During the project the working title of the platform was ‘European Paper Platform’. At the end it goes by the name of ‘PaperTalent’.

During the project all of our partners placed effort in fine-tuning the existing material. Technical errors and specific jargon for each country were adjusted according the “cultural background”. Furthermore we’ve optimized the material for internet use. By decreasing the file size and streaming the video’s via a large international giant in this type of field we can guarantee a better user experience.

From now on we’re able to have more attention for the needs and necessities of a user/trainee. What are the skills of this person (in relation to his working environment), and where is he/she meant to become more skilled. Based upon this strategy a learning path can be created. Instead of learning per  module, we’re now able to put the user/trainee in the centre of attention. Accompanied with guidance by a coach or tutor the selected learning path can be followed via licenses or a pay per use system.

On April 30th 2014 the project has been finalized. We’re more than ready to assist you in skilling and educating employees within your company, especially with our new platform ‘PaperTalent’.

For more information: see our catalogue and/or please contact VAPA. 


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