Start PST 05 Recycled Fibre and Deinking

PST Module 5 covers the quality of recovered paper itself and the paper grades that are manufactured from recycled fibers. The removal of impurities in recovered paper is explained. Subjects concerned include pulping (slushing), HD/LD cleaning, screening, washing and thickening. Design and technical methods in stock preparation for recycled fiber are discussed. Specifically discussed are contaminants in recovered paper; especially the so-called ‘stickies‘. Papermaking potential of recycled fiber is explained. Also considered is deinking and bleaching chemistry, with specific attention focussed on the methods and specific characteristics of flotation- and wash deinking. Omvang: 6 lesdata van 09.30-15.30 uur. Planning lesdata:

  • 9 november 2016
  • 30 november 2016
  • 14 december 2016
  • 18 januari 2017
  • 25 januari 2017
  • Tentamendag in overleg met docent
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